Portable Fun Games!

Are you planning for the coolest group activity or birthday bash by our portable games?

Would you like to throw an amazing party at your place? If your answer is YES, then we have the solution for you! Play in the comfort of your own home, farm, backyard, camp, school, church or park.

We can provide everything you need to run your own event, either with Laser Tag, Archery Tag or our other awesome portable attractions! Our package deals are great value for money! We can deliver direct to your door and collect after your event! 

Simple as 1,2,3.
Just Book it – Play it – Return it. 

Portable Laser Tag

8 Phasers, scoreboard is everything you need to play                     Excludes: Laser Tag Inflatable 

+$200 for Extra 8 Phasers
+$250 for an extra day
+$50 for a display stand                                                                        +$300 for Laser Tag Inflatable

Archery Tag

8 Bows, 8 Helmets, Wrist Guards, targets and arrows a plenty      Excludes: Inflatable obstacles

+$150 for Extra 8 bows
+$150 for an extra day hire                                                                  +$100 for a set of 4 Inflatable Obstacles 

Laser Tag Inflatable

10m x 10m Inflatable, with blowers and cables                             Excludes: Phasers, Score Board and Stand

+$20 for Trailer Hire

Inflatable Obstacles

Set of four Inflatable obstacles, with blower and cable

+$20 for additional Inflatable obstacles 

Archery Hover Ball

3m x 1m Inflatable, with blowers and cables.
Includes: 2 Bows and 6 arrows. 

Inflatable Pool Table

$120                                                                                                         6m  x 4m Inflatable, with blowers and cables

Includes: 16 Billiard Balls

Jousting Arena

5m x 2m Inflatable, with blowers and cables.                                    Includes: 2 Jousting sticks and 2 Helmets

+$20 for Trailer.

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