Take advantage of our fantastic combos to turn it into an unforgettable night of minigolf and golf excitement!

Ideal for your upcoming excursion, enjoy 9 engaging yet enjoyable holes suitable for all ages! 





Like golf, but fun

Forget the usual windmills and castles, putt your stuff in our glow-and-the-dark course. Stand on pool tables, play though a couch and more. Each hole will keep you wanting more.

We have space for the whole crew, young, old, big, small – no worries. Everyone can putt their stuff around the course.

Pricing for 9 Holes of Minigolf

One Game $12

golf excitement

Miniature Golf Extravaganza: A Perfect Outing for Family and Friends

$75 Date Night (For two)

  • 1 round
  • 2 Drink Tokens each
  • 1 Meal Token each

Save $25!

$15 Mini Monday

  • 1 Round
  • 1 Drink Token

Save $5

Minigolf such as Hypergolf is always fun, but you can make it even better by checking out our awesome combos. 

Benefits of playing this fun game!

All-Age Fun and Entertainment
Miniature golf is fun and welcoming for all ages. Creative course designs and friendly competitiveness make it ideal for family outings, date nights, and friend gatherings.

Social Bonding and Team Building
Miniature golf’s laid-back atmosphere encourages teamwork and fellowship. The course’s shared experiences—navigating challenging obstacles or celebrating successful shots—make it ideal for corporate outings, team-building activities, and casual get-togethers.

Skill Development in a Relaxed Setting
It promotes hand-eye coordination, precision, and strategic thinking, making it suitable for beginners and advanced players.

Hear from past Heros of Minigolf

“Loved the burning couch, now I can have a photo for my insta without being kicked out of Uni!”

Guest in 2023

“New course is much better than the old one! Loved the new challenges and more interesting holes”

- Alexandra
Guest in 2022

“Fantastic work do! It worked for our older staff and the option to order drinks at the hole made it a real party, even if it made the golf a bit harder…”

- Dave
(Guest in 2023)


The best way to play

Our memberships can drop the price of your visits to as little as $1 a day! With three teirs, you can find the one that works best for you, and play as much as you want!

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