Hologate VR

Immerse yourself into the fully-realised future of entertainment with Hologate VR, a one of its kind multiplayer gaming experience perfect for friends and family.

Hologate VR

Dance like nobody is watching... except they are!

Hologate VR lets you live the adventure! You might find yourself in the middle of a massive snowball fight, competing on a challenging rhythm and beat battle or trying to survive a zombie attack together with your friends…

We have something for everyone! Press learn more to find out about our games, and the Escape Rooms!

Pricing of Hologate VR

$12 Single Experience PP

$20 Two Experience PP

$36 Single Experience for four

$30 Single Experience escape room pp (2 people min)

Escape Rooms!

Virtual reality escape games are lifelike cooperative adventures. Working together makes you the movie’s hero and gives you unimaginable protection. Your team must use clues, hints, and tactics to solve all the puzzles and riddles in 50 minutes to escape the Hologate escape room. 

Mission Sigma

You are a recommended puzzle expert in a high-stakes situation where the secret agency has defeated a terrorist. 

A ticking nuclear weapon on the roof of an abandoned high-rise, surrounded by a tower of traps and barriers, is the twist. Your responsibility is now yours after the secret service helped you infiltrate the courtyard. 

Can you escape the deadly traps, solve the complex riddles, and stop the nuclear threat? Preventing a disaster is your responsibility.


The Prison
Years of directing a private police unit in a relentless onslaught on criminal groups, leaving corrupt heads rolling after major operations, have turned. 

Fake charges have landed you in jail, putting you in danger. Your outside pals have carefully planned an escape. With courage, ingenuity, and luck, you adventure to freedom. 

Not only is clearing your name important, but so is fighting for justice, navigating deception, and holding your framers accountable. Escape is a crucial step in your search for truth and atonement.


Corporate conflict for data destroyed society in the early 22nd century, a planet in disorder from rapid technological advancement. 

Your group of modified cyborgs with special skills starts on a dangerous mission amid this mayhem. 

The goal: penetrate a powerful corporation’s tightly guarded facility, stealthily explore its maze corridors, and steal rare archive data—the most valuable commodity in this dystopian future. 

As you try to reach the archives and download the stack memory, you know the path ahead is dangerous.

Hear from past Heros of Hologate VR

“Nothing better than wrecking some zombies!”

Guest in 2021

“VR is wild, way better than I expected, vibration in the vest nearly made me crap myself when I got hit in the back”

- Ben
Guest in 2022

Love the dancing and cooking game! Super fun to play with my kids

- Kristen
Guest in 2022


The best way to play

Our memberships can drop the price of your visits to as little as $1 a day! With three teirs, you can find the one that works best for you, and play as much as you want!

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