Save up to $8 off your food

Use code Famfeed in the checkout, on meal token (extra item) and save another $2!
Allowing for a max saving of $8

What's a 'token'?

We’ve got drink tokens, and meal tokens; each work pretty similar!

With our meal tokens, you can pick any main item, along with a side to get with your token, meaning you can decide on the fly what you all want to eat. These tokens cost less than the food would alone in store, so it’s a great way to save.

With our drinks tokens, there are two types! Premium allow you to select any drink on our menu, and it’s yours for the Token, meaning you can wander away with anything from our full menu! Normal tokens, have restrictions on them, meaning only some of our drinks can be got with them!

Want to learn more about all the fun you can have at Megazone! Jump onto our main page to learn more, don’t worry you can enter the code ‘Famfeed’ in any of our checkouts, so no need for FOMO

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