There are a lot of ways to bundle your fun, so here’s a nice organized list of deals to make it easy for you too see your options!


Weekly Events

It’s always a good day to go to Megazone and see the deals, but sometimes there is even good-er reasons to go! pew-pew-pew


Zap and Tap

$25 per person

Blast your way to glory in our Laser Tag Arena, with two exciting games. Then unwind, and throw some hoops in the arcade with $10 of creidt.

  • Two Laser Tag Games
  • $10 Arcade Credit

Mighty Three

$25 per person

Get a bit of this, and a bit of that with, a single laser tag game, followed by a round of golf. Not to forget a little bit of arcade credit to start your fun off.

  • One Laser Tag Game
  • One Mini Golf Game
  • $5 Arcade Credit

On Target

$45 per person

Looking for the ultimate adrenaline-fueled experience in Dunedin? Look no further than the On Target combo at Megazone Dunedin! This action-packed combo includes not one, but two thrilling laser tag games, followed by 30 minutes of axe throwing.

  • Two Laser Tag Games
  • 30 Minutes of Axe Throwing

Pro Gamer

$70 per person

Experience a day of gaming and adventure with our Pro Gamer combo! Start with laser tag, play indoor mini-golf with buddies, and explore mind-bending VR realms. 


  • One Laser Tag
  • One Mini Golf
  • $10 Arcade Game
  • 30 Min of Axes
  • One VR Game
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Date Night

$75 (for two)

Megazone Dunedin’s Date Night package promises a romantic evening with your sweetie! This exclusive couple’s package includes everything you need for a great night out. 

  • One Mini Golf (each)
  • Two standard drink tokens (each)
  • One Meal Token (each)

Function Deals

Starter Package

$35 PP

The Megazone Dunedin Starter Package is excellent for a weekend afternoon out or a budget-friendly outing with friends/coworkers. You can also use the Starter Package’s drink ticket at our snack bar to stay hydrated while gaming. Come join the fun today!

  • One Laser Tag (can be swapped to minigolf)
  • 30 Min of arcade play (excluding prize/ticket games)
  • One Standard Drink Token)

Ultimate Package

$50 PP

Our amazing function deal is a one-stop shop for entertaining and impressing guests. Our Ultimate Deals include laser tag and mini-golf on our cutting-edge indoor course, providing thrilling activities with top-notch equipment and course design. 

  • One Laser Tag
  • One Mini Golf
  • 30 Min of arcade play (Excluding prize/ticket games)
  • Two standard drink tokens

Axe Package

$70 PP

Try axe throwing with buddies to relax! Our expert trainers will teach you axe throwing using high-quality axes and unique targets in our sophisticated facility, making you a pro in no time. 

  • One Hour of Axes
  • One Laser Tag Game
  • Two standard drink tokens


The best way to play

Our memberships can drop the price of your visits to as little as $1 a day! With three teirs, you can find the one that works best for you, and play as much as you want! With any tier you get VIP arcade prices!

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