We are Megazone

About us, our activities are designed to be experienced as a group, to encourage teamwork/friendly competition and real interactions. Be it Laser Tag as you blast your friends, to a friendly putt around our greens, the smiles you share with friends are the real reward.

We expanded into board games, to allow for people to interact in a non-digital format at home, or with friends.

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Our mission

Megazone Entertainment aims to provide a world class family friendly environment, to create fun and sociable interactions leaving our clients eager to return. We do this through providing a range of immersive group activities for all ages, and ensuring a high standard of customer service.


We strive to reduce our footprint, and to be a leader in our field of the market! To do this; we actively recycle all waste within our premise. The packaging we use is all biodegradable. We’ve managed to drop our electricity usage by 25% over the last 3 years, despite adding two new attractions! 

In our arcade prizes, we’re actively looking for new items to replace as much of the plastic toys as possible, and our supply chains to give new options!

As well as we donate trees each year to be planted in local projects, like Quarantine Island.

Our Awesome Team Leaders


Megazone Queen and Manager

As the manager of Dunedin Megazone, I’m known for my warm and welcoming demeanor. I adore  my 3 kids,  they are my greatest treasure. Creativity flows through my veins, and I express this passion by crafting unique jewelry pieces, each telling a story of its own, hopefully one day I might make some for our arcades redemption!

Among the many exciting games at Megazone, axe throwing is my personal favorite. It’s a thrilling challenge that hones my focus and precision, balancing my artistic side with a touch of competitive spirit. 

I’m proud to bring a blend of warmth, creativity, and a zest for life to everything I do

Kate & Grant


Grant joined the centre in 2011 straight out of highschool, before taking over in 2015. 

Over the last 10 years, we’ve managed to add in a lot of new attractions, taking from a small laser tag centre to a full fledged Dunedin Icon.

Using this success to support thousands of community projects through Otago, as well as support our awesome team to grow. 

Since 2018, despite Grant’s opinion Kate’s really been in charge, with her day job as a teacher its led us to push to be more active within schools, by providing vouchers, events, and now a sport to build our next generation.


Megazone Shift Supervisor

The awesome handy man of Megazone, not only does he lead the team effectively he also keeps everything working within our doors!


Megazone Shift Supervisor

Who keeps you fueled? Phillipa does, keeping the Megazone kitchen pumping out burgers and delicious shakes, and forcing the team to eat tasty snacks to keep the energy levels up!


Megazone Shift Supervisor

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