To take your game of either Laser Tag, or Archery Tag to the next level why not become a member?

With the cards, you get a tonne of benefits! Including special rates, extra features and laser tag perks (for laser members)!

Archery Tag Membership

Currently, this gets you cheaper events on Tuesday! We are working on more perks for this in the future!



Laser Tag Membership
Fancy yourself the best of the best at Laser Tag?

Become one of our members for added benefits:

- Custom suit name

- Score tracking

- Perks

- Leagues and Competitions

Plus you will be invited to join us on our Members Nights, and at a reduced cost!

Play some of our advanced game modes like Elimination Games, Base Flags, Vampires, and so many more.


Membership cards are only $5, or free when you play 3 or more games, just ask our friendly staff at payment

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