Laser Tag

Megazone is an exciting and immersive sci-fi experience for all ages!

Take on the role of a space adventurer in the not-too-distant future, entering a hostile facility full of enemy forces with only your wits, your combat armour and your trusty laser-gun between you and glorious victory!

Hunt your foe through the smoke and laser beams, navigating the puzzling twists and turns of our arena-maze with your team-mates close by your side.

... OR see how you fare on your own in one-on-one missions - It's every marine for themselves!!

Megazone has just had a full upgrade to the latest in laser tag technology! 44 brand-new suits and a huge range of exciting new games and challenges!


Standard Prices

Each Laser Tag game is approximately 10 minutes

  Child/Student Adult
1 Game $8 $10
2 Games $13 $16
3 Games $17 $20
4 Games $21 $24
5 Games $24 $26

If you are playing 3 or more games you qualify for a FREE Membership Card, just ask our friendly staff at payment.

Group rates are available for groups 25+


Mini Golf:

Come Check out the cool new course!
Kids $6
Adults $7 


Party Options:

Have your birthday at Megazone!!

Megazone has a variety of fully catered party options available for your special day. To view our current offers click here