Pool Table
Its huge! Like 15 m by 6! and the pool balls are the size of soccer balls!
Great for younger kids and school fairs!

Just $150 for a whole day.


Battle with swords and foam polls on pillars to knock your foe of balance!

Inflate is 5-5

$200 for a day.

Hover ball

Knock down balls hovering in the air with kid safe bows! (Shrunk versions of our Archery ones!)

Great for events and shows! Keeps everyone occupied and engaged, with only a tiny amount of space! 2.4-3

This one does need monitoring as you play, so we have two prices!

Staffed @ 120 per hour
Non staffed $250 for a day


As always, for schools and fundraisers or large corporate events! It's best to contact us for more information and options!