Megazone Dunedin has a wide variety of options to assist in your fundraising endeavours.

Schools & Teams

For large scale support, please contact us directly! We may be able to help with year long passes, and player of the day awards.
For schools you should of received a school pack, with all the offerings we have available for you! Let us know if you need one!


We will give you passes, to use as prizes for quiz nights, raffles or other events. A couple per event, at no cost, if you meet our fundraising criteria.
For sports teams, we can often provide a lot more as weekly player of the day passes!

Complimentary tickets:

We can give passbooks to sell game tickets from, which make you $3 per ticket sold, tickets are for a game of laser and golf for kids or adults which are sold for $12 a ticket. Making the cost less than the normal price for two games for adults or kids! 


Choose a night during the week, which isn’t clashing with existing bookings and we will reserve laser tag for you in hour sessions (the amount is up too you). Then your kids can start selling tickets to their fun night out, at a recommended $10 per hour session. We can work this in two ways for you, 
Option A: Megazone gets $6 out of each ticket sale. Must sell at least 30 passes per hour. 

Option B: Megazone charges $250 per hour, event org gets 100% of ticket sales (only for multi hour events).

These rates can’t be used for school classes, full sports teams,  private events or internal school events, just for fundraising! 

With option A, you stand to make at least $120 per hour at the recommended rate and up to $400 if you sell the max of 100 tickets per hour!
With option B, you could make a lot more! Depending on how many hours you are taking out, as with that the limit on people is 120 per hour! As we can rotate them into the following hour if we get behind on games.


We can take the fun to you, with portable gear that you charge per play on, we take a base cost for the items, and the rest is all for you.