Top 10 Party Games for New Years

Top 10 Party Games for New Years

Posted by Megazone Dunedin on 30th Dec 2016

It’s party time! (Excellent!)

Welcome to The Game Store’s Top 10 Party and Social games!

Just in time for your New Year celebration these games are perfect for gatherings of all sorts not just saying goodbye to 2016!

1. The Resistance

Players: 5-10
Play Time: 30 minutes
Price: $40
As members of a secret underground resistance against the evil Empire, it is the players job to complete missions in the quest for freedom! However, agents of the Empire have infiltrated the group and plan to sabotage the missions from within….Who can you trust? Who can you take with you on missions? And when the missions start to go wrong….who was it?(Also in the series The Resistance: Avalon! Where you are knights loyal to King Arthur but the agents of darkness are among your number. With special characters with their own powers it is a whole new Resistance style experience!)

2. Cards Against Humanity

Players: 4-30! (YES 30! If you dare)
Time: 30+ minutes (Longer for more people)
Price: $60 with  expansions as low as $8!
The game that took the world by storm, you may never look at your friends (or family if you are brave enough) in the same way again! This game can be made playable by all ages by carefully going through the cards and removing ones that you deem to be inappropriate.
Each round one player is given a black card that has a phrase on, such as ‘All I want for Christmas’, the other players much each play a white card, such as, Tiny T-Rex arms or Rocket Boots, trying to get the best, funniest or most offensive answer to get their choice to win. Always a riot of laughs and debate when Cards Against Humanity comes out.
Also check out all the expansions and the compatible,  Crabs Adjust Humidity cards too to add more options and chaos to the mix.

3. Jungle Speed

Players: 3-8
Play time: 10-30 minutes
Price: $30
Most people in the world have played snap, well this game takes snap to a whole new level! You have to grab the totem every time your card matches another player, but each player has their own stack you need to watch. To make it even more chaotic many of the shapes are very, VERY similar! About to reach 20 th years on sale this is a fast and furious game for ages 6/7+.

4. Superfight

Players: 3-10
Play time: 30 minutes
Price: $55 (expansion boxes $18 each)
Select your celebrity/animal/mythical creature and their attribute/hindrance/super power from your hand and go into battle against your opponent’s hilarious selection. Would Steven Hawking with a rocket launcher beat a 1000 feet tall Darth Vader? It may seem a little one sided….but then it gets really interesting when each combatant gets a random black card from the stack! So all of a sudden Darth Vader may not have any limbs and Steven Hawking may get mind control powers!

5. Bang!Bang! The Bullet

Players: 3-8
Play time: 20-40 minutes
Price: $45/85
Take on the role of a gunslinger in this wild west game. The sheriff is in town; the outlaws have to take him out while the deputies have to protect him/her as best they can. The only problem is that nobody knows who is who, except of course for the one with the Sheriff badge!
A fast and furious deduction card game where you and your unknown allies are trying to win while stopping the other team. But it can be hard to know who to trust when the bullets start flying in all directions! Chose from Bang! For the basic game or Bang! The Bullet for all the expansions and a few unique cards in a very cool metal bullet container!

6. King of Tokyo

Players: 3-6
Play Time: 30-45 minutes
Price: $90
Take on the role of a giant alien/robot/ape/lizard and more in this ‘every MONSTER for themselves’ battle for Tokyo!
Grab the dice and let them roll to damage your rivals, gain new powers and heal your wounds. First to 20 points or the last monster standing wins!
Wade into battle trying to do as much damage as you can, sit back and gather points or become a monster with a whole collection of powers! There are many ways to play and many ways to win the title of King of Tokyo! With very fun artwork and designed by one of the top names in the business it’s never a dull day in Tokyo!
(For a more in-depth experience check out King of New York! - The board game style big brother to King of Tokyo.)

Check out our other recommended party games:

7. Codenames (2+, 20-30 mins, $40)

8. Concept (4-12, 40 mins, $70)

9. Dixit (3-6, 30 mins, $70)

10. Drunk Stoned or Stupid (4+, 30 mins, $50)

Gamers Game Honourable Mention: Battlestar Galactica: The Boardgame

Players: 3-6
Play time: 2-3 hours (or longer, it varies a lot.)
Price: $95
This is the gamers' game of the list - if you want your party to just be a game then this is your choice!
Take on the role of an iconic character from the TV series Battlestar Galactica. As the last survivors of mankind in deep space, running from the dreaded robotic Cylons, you must work together to keep the fleet safe, fed and happy. All the while crises unfold one after another testing your ability to watch over the fleet. That is not the worst of it, the Cylons can appear as human and they are among you. Can you trust the President's decisions? Do you believe that the Admiral is doing their best? Identify the Cylons and get mankind to their new home world!